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  • - Much thinner and lighter than conventional products.
    - Contact sealed construction offers a highly reliable switch.
    - Reflow solderable.
    - Packaged with a 12mm wide embossed taping.
    - It's compact size contributes to make application units to be
       smaller and lighter.
    - Large stem top surface. Excellence in perationality and
  • Applications

  • - Car audio, car navigation systems.
    - Keyless entry systems.
    - Portable audio.
    - Cellular phones and Personal digital assistances.
    - Operation of various digital devices.
    - For operating various electronic devices such as audio
       devices, automotive units, communication devices,
    - Measuring instruments, video recorders, cameras,
       automotive units, white goods, etc.
  • SMD Type

  • IT-1207S-SMD
  • SMD Type

  • IT-1135-SMD
  • SMD Type

  • IT-1122B
  • SMD Type

  • IT-1240
  • SMD Type

  • IT-1120-SMD